Max Bartos is one busy guy! This working Broadway actor just started the horror podcast Clowns “R” Us with his friend and is releasing a new single on June 23rd. Between recording his podcast, working on his new album, and performing live all over New York City I don’t know how he even had time for this interview! Thank you Max for taking time out of your schedule to chat about your new projects.

1. Tell us about your newest podcast venture.

Yeah! I have a new horror movie centric podcast called Clowns ‘R’ Us with my friend and amazing artist Connor Dean! We talk about all things horror!

2. You sound like you have a great time doing “Clowns ‘R’ Us”. What do you love the most about doing a podcast with a friend? 

I think my favorite thing about doing the podcast with Connor is that he and I can be completely ourselves. It’s hard to find people where you feel like you can fully unleash your nerdy passions for certain things, but Connor and I give ourselves permission to do so, and it’s so amazing!

3. You also have a new single coming out. Tell us about it.

Yeah! My new single Unspoken is dropping on June 23rd! It’s the first single from my upcoming concept album Memento Mori!!  

4. What is the inspiration for your single?

The inspiration for this song came from a failed relationship. I’m sure we can all relate to the feeling of losing someone you love because of something outside if your control. So I took the emotions surrounding that situation and tweaked it to fit the album concept of a Ghost, and BOOM! We have Unspoken. 

5. Where did you come up with the concept for the upcoming EP?

I have always been scared of death, ever since I was a kid. So, I figured I’d explore that thematic narrative and become a ghost singing songs about his love that he lost because he was taken away forever. It’s a very lighthearted album!! 

6. What is your favorite thing about performing live?

Definitely seeing the audience and connecting with them!! I love that the words I write and the melodies I sing can affect people in a positive way!

7. Do you have any upcoming live performances scheduled?

I do! July 11th at Pianos in NYC!

8. Any other fun projects you can share?

I just finished up a show last week, and I’ve been doing some really cool top secret stuff coming up!!

9. Where can fans find your music and podcast?

You guys can find me on Spotify if you search Max Bartos! Same with the podcast Clowns R Us! My Instagram is @max_bartos

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