If you miss the warmth of summer, we have the perfect tune for you. Get ready to let go! At the moment Luv Docta is up and running. The new song “FREAK” featuring YBG Tsunami has been released and is currently being streamed on various platforms. The two created a music video for the song, which depicts them joining a group of beautiful women and enjoying water guns in a warm tropical setting. Get ready to know this new hit song. Listening to your favorite music often releases feel-good hormones in your body and mind that put you in a state of sexual ecstasy. There is evidence that listening to soothing music reduces stress and increases sexual arousal.

Luv Docta understands just the right amount of music to uplift you and your feelings, so this certainlycounts as a panty dropper. Add this hot song to your playlist and have a great time.

Listen to “Freak” by Luv Docta ft. YBG Tsunami, which is currently available on all streaming sites.

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