Tribal Young Brown the rapper originally from Amityville, New York but now currently lives in Jacksonville, FL. Has released his first club song entitled “In Da Club“. And when you hear the name you immediately think of 50 cent song “In Da Club”. But they are not the same by any means, while 50 Cent song was a more lay back chill in the club. Tribal Brown song was a more hyper stripe club twerk song.

About The Song In Da Club

The song has been a long time project for the rapper, taking about a full year to release the song to the world. The original song was longer and featured more artist that was later removed from the song. The song was released only featuring two other upcoming artist when everything was said and done. The featured artist was Dopeboy Cot from Jacksonville, FL, and DJ J.O from Wyandanch, NY.

Tribal Young Brown – In Da Club Featuring Dopeboy Cot & DJ J.O

This is a big change of style for the rapper Tribal Young Brown as he is known for what can be referred to as Dark Hip-Hip. As he’s known for making songs like “Consider This” “Trust & Betrayal” and “Enemies”. But In the year of 2023 so far he has changed his flow completely. Releasing his song Work featuring Melz Cali his first Trap song. And now releasing In Da Club featuring Dopeboy Cot and DJ J.O his first club song.

Background Of Tribal Brown

In one year time his audience has grown tremendously across all the major platforms. He has amassed over 1 million views on Youtube and Instagram. As well as 1 million streams on Spotify and many streams on Soundcloud and Audiomack as well. Tribal Young Brown who’s real name is Tony James Nelson II is also quite the businessman. He is the owner of his own record label Roovet Records, and has his own clothing brand Roovet. Furthermore he runs three moving companies, car rental company, and he’s a licensed car dealer in the state of Florida. He’s also a father of 4 children and some how finds the time to make music.

Whats Next For Tribal Brown?

We are all on the edge of our seats waiting for the next amazing song to be released. He gave us Work and In Da Club so far this year makes you wonder whats next. Well rumor has it that he has posted on his Instagram recently hisself recording a new release. This new song is said to be named “Tribe Queen” and will most likley be his next released single from the album Red Rose.

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