Alexander Sailer is a successful German-born investor that has successfully founded several companies. He is the brains behind famous German brands like Social Chain AG, Urbanara GmbH, Lumaland Gmbh, and many more.

As a student of Business Law, Sailer ventured into the world of business by establishing his first company called iProtect. This business included selling all types of cellphone accessories. It made a total of 18 million Euros in revenue.

Sailer never had it smooth in life. He began as the owner of a small business that sold home and living products obtained from recycled and sustainable materials. He was confronted with numerous challenges as he worked to establish his e-commerce business. He would find it hard to get customers, keep up with his competitors, and manage inventory. But Sailer never let these setbacks derail him from his vision. He was determined and resolute to become successful in a saturated e-commerce market.

Soon Sailer was able to find the magic wand – by investing in customer success strategy, which is a bigger business vision. This new business strategy involves the task of creating a complete customer experience. This involves optimising clients’ e-commerce platforms to enhance navigation and product presentation. In addition, Sailer will increase his clients’ shipping options while offering free shipping services for large product orders.

This business strategy also includes providing support to local suppliers from developing countries as well as creating advanced working environments in their places of work. During this time, Sailer also maintained his local e-commerce business. He leveraged social media to promote his sustainable products at reasonable prices. He will also take to social media to document and share his contributions to supplier workshops. He was able to increase sales by engaging with his social media followers and offering amazing discounts.

But Sailer Will not rest on his laurels. He continued by collecting customer feedback about his business. He used this feedback to improve his business and products while also enhancing customer service. Due to his amazing strategy and unflinching vision, his actions began to pay off. His e-commerce sales increase geometrically and he was able to improve his online customer followership. Due to his efforts, more people loved his products. They also appreciated the work he put in by enhancing the general shopping experience of people in developing nations.

Sailer’s investment in customer success hugely rewarded him. His struggling e-commerce business was transformed into a successful brand as it was able to earn more than 20 million Euros annually.

Sailer’s way of making the world a good place
Sailer aims to make the world a better place by encouraging everyone on the planet to cherish our shared likeness. He travels the world teaching people how to live happier lifestyles. He has been able to attend numerous presentations and talks where he has inspired other people. He would motivate both unsuccessful and successful people to find a cause to develop humanity.

Sailer is also a Racedriver and he travels the world doing what he likes best – riding all types of smart cars. As an investor and a philanthropist, he feels fulfilled knowing that he has accomplished his life’s goals. Apart from enjoying his passion as a Racedriver, the German investor supports new entrepreneurs. Sailer mentors and inspires startups and new investors on how to become successful with their business brands.

Sailer has a loving wife and two handsome kids – who remind him of his happy and exciting life as a kid. As an accomplished Formula 1 Racedriver, he liked to travel the world with his loving family.

To know what Alexander Sailer is up to all the time, you can follow him on Instagram @the sailerbln.

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