Financial freedom is an empowering state to achieve. It means having enough money saved and invested that you no longer need to earn an income to live comfortably. Financial freedom can mean different things to different people, but generally it includes being able to pay your bills, save for retirement, and enjoy life without worrying about money. It doesn’t necessarily mean retiring early, although that is an option for those who achieve financial freedom. Financial freedom can involve setting up passive income streams, budgeting, and investing. With financial freedom, you have the freedom to focus on what matters most to you and have the ability to pursue your dreams.

The real estate innovator who plans to redefine generational wealth for investors is Avriel DuVerney. Avriel owns Stone 2 Stone Solutions, Inc., a real estate business solutions firm that specializes in boosting revenue growth and expanding market share through strategic analysis, partnerships, acquisition, and cost development. Avriel is a 20-year industry veteran and now highly regarded real estate investor.

She is experienced in guiding teams to play a direct role in negotiating new and existing partnership agreements. DuVerney is also an expert in providing overall insight into the planning, development and launching of strategic initiatives to contribute to long-term business planning. Throughout her career, she has held a consistent record of increasing Return on Investment (ROI) for corporations. Avriel is a goal-driven President and Business Strategist with an impressive history in defining and clarifying organization’s needs by designing, conducting and analyzing market, property, and financial trends. She is actively involved in community affairs and volunteers on various non-profit boards, including Killeen Citizens Police Academy.

Avriel received her Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource, a Master of Science in Criminal Justice, and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (Cum Laude) from Colorado Technical University. In addition, she is a Certified Department of Defense Sexual Assault Advocate. As the host of an upcoming conference in August, and the investing guru behind the new real estate investing course, “From Sidelines to Success” she will personally teach, coach, and support the new generation of real estate investors. Avriel is looking to reach out to those who are interested in real estate but not sure how to get off the sideline and into the game.

She works to teach clients how to grow and maintain generational wealth in the real estate market, as it will be a valuable tool for passing down wealth from one generation to the next through investments in real estate. It is a way to create long-term financial security, as real estate is traditionally a long-term investment and can provide income from rent, capital appreciation, and other benefits. As opposed to other investments, real estate tends to be more stable and predictable, making it an attractive option for those looking to pass down wealth to the next generation. Generational wealth in the real estate market can be achieved by investing in real estate for the long-term, diversifying and managing risk, and taking advantage of tax benefits. Avriel is looking to educate people on this topic, as it will help maintain financial success and growth in the future and for new generations.

For more information about Avriel DuVerney, visit her LinkedIn or check out the Stone 2 Stone Solutions website to gather more insight on how the company operates and helps to educate people on real estate investing.

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