For ages,engineering has been helping humanity foster a better, accessible, and innovative lifestyle by blending natural sciences and mathematical lucidities for the betterment of people. Engineering is the knowledge acquired by plenty of experience, experiments,and practicescombined with pragmatic judgment and desecration to use nature economically to bring innovation to humanity. Engineeringis not only pertinent for construction projects but applicable to a sustainable life, modern and high-tech education, healthcare, transportation, and infrastructure.

In this breakneck era, technology is the critical driver of life,and it is born out of engineering. It plays an imperative role in problem-solving and is crucial in our life. Engineers are shaping the world better and producing strikingdifferences. Their intelligence, dedication, and hard work are drastically changing the world. Among these great people,one individual who has followed an unconventional journey isMr. Dilip Kumar Jha.

Dilip Kumar Ajay,famously known as Dilip Kumar Jha, is an Indian physical designengineer, author, and educationalist. He has worked in many leading semiconductor companies across the world. His contribution to the field of technology and modernization is impeccable.Kumarwas born into a humble Hindu traditional Maithil Bihari family in Bengaluru, India, on March 2nd, 1985. His parents, Ajay Kumar Jha and Sudha Jha,were from a working-class background. Kumar accomplished his primary schooling at Maria Niketan High School. His passion for engineering compelled him to be admitted toEastPoint College of Engineering and Technology, where he completed his B.E degree in Electronics Engineering in 2007. Recently, hejoinedthe University of Limerick, Ireland, for his higher studies, another hallmark in his life. He posted his research proposal to the university;smitten by his craft and skill, theadministration allowed him to enrollin his desired course.

In 2007, Kumar started his professional career atIBM’s BPO in Bengaluru. Within two years, he was internally recruited in the semiconductor R&D division department and designed microprocessors for the supercomputers. His transition within the company speaks volumes for him. He became co-inventor of two U.S.patents and published three articles while working at IBM. Later, he started working in the Cadence Design Systems of IBM in Bengaluru. His expertise and passion fortechnology lent him many fortuities; he eventually left IBM, joined Intel, and worked there for a year.

Kumar’s hunger for innovation and technologypushed him to move to Stockholm with his family (wife and two kids), where he started working ondesigning a network processorfor a start-up company. Post this, in 2019,he got an opportunity in Cork, Ireland, where he went to work as an engineering manager at Qualcomm, designing integrated chips used in most smartphones’ processors.

Life came full circle for Kumar as he accomplishedsignificant achievements, but now, he wanted to do something new. He began writing on numerous topics, and surprisingly it became his new obsession. Kumar decided to write about his knowledge and experience to help future generations. He wanted to bring remarkable changes in the educational system, and it wasonly possible if the curriculum was up to date, and that’s why he started writing.

Kumar’s life is an extraordinary example of dedication and passion. He has multiple internationally published patents and papers. Some of them are U.S. Patent – Circuit placement with electro-migration mitigation, U.S. Patent – Congestion Estimation Techniques from RTL model at the Pre-Synthesis stage,and a Paper published in DVCON Eu 2020Bit density-based pre-characterization of RAM cells for area critical SOC design.

Apart from an incomparable career as a physical design engineer, he had his hands-on writing too. The most momentous part of Kumar’s writing is that he always tries to reconcile the science and philosophy of life. He compelled his readers to rethink their lives and try to find their true essence of it. A few of his published books are Chasing the Phenomenon, Kuch Rangeen Kaanch, Kuch Rangeen Kaanch Ke Tukdefrom Petals Publishers, andIndia That Is Progressive,published by Book Street Publications.

Dilip Kumar Jha came a longway; from a humble background and growing up in a middle-class working family to a remarkable career as a physical design engineer, he has seen everything. His passion and contribution to electrical engineering are worth remembering. His literary engrossment, papers, patents, and books are all dynamics that set him apart from others in his league. His national and international contributions will be helpful to people today and in the future. Kumar has lived and served in India, Sweden, and Ireland. Without a doubt, Dilip Kumar Jha is a role model for many youngsters who envision having an eloquent life.  

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