Biosecurity Technology is a firm that has brought about a revolution in the field of pathogen management. Dan Lynn, the creator of BioSecurity Technology, has been a critical figure in the company’s rise to prominence. Lynn’s experience as an FDA Clinical Investigator, his credentials in health and safety, and his knowledge in the management of pathogenic chemicals led to the creation of the company’s flagship product, which is known as Bio-Safe.

Bio-Safe has become an essential component of Fortune 500 firms all over the globe, as shown by the company’s possession of fifty granted patents relating to cleaning procedures and pathogen prevention. Lynn’s persistent commitment to developing productive and efficient goods and being mindful of the environment drives the company’s success. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recognizes Bio-Safe as an organic product. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recognized it as an antibacterial agent that may be used on food. This makes it ideal for chemical-free, sustainable, and ecologically friendly alternatives. The products and processes that Lynn has created for Bio-Safe are a clear reflection of his dedication to the preservation of the natural environment.


The ground-breaking technologies Lynn and Biosecurity Technology have brought to market have been recognized with many accolades, including the 2021 CBRE Innovation of the Year Award. Out of the 54 companies that participated, only Bio-Safe was successful in all of the categories for which it was nominated. This award honors the creative and ground-breaking approach that Biosecurity Technology has taken to the problem of disease management and antimicrobial remedies.

The success of Biosecurity Technology and Bio-Safe is not only attributable to the fact that they are efficient and sustainable but also to the fact that they are versatile. The antimicrobial solution is used in many facilities, such as hospitals, food processing factories, and water treatment plants. Pathogens in the air and on surfaces are both effectively controlled by Bio-Safe’s antimicrobial properties.

Sheer Dedication

In addition to its use in managing pathogens, Bio-Safe has been utilized in decontaminating buildings and equipment after biological or chemical assaults. Because of its adaptability and efficacy, the product has become an indispensable instrument in the battle against agroterrorism and biosecurity threats.

In addition, the creation of Bio-Safe would not have been possible without Lynn’s knowledge of the efficiency and uses of ozone. His dedication to the invention has resulted in the development of a variety of products based on ozone, such as ozone-based laundry systems, ozone-based food sanitation systems, and ozone-based drinking water purification systems.

The dedication of Biosecurity Technology and Dan Lynn to the environmental sustainability, adaptability, and innovation of their products and systems have made them essential in the battle against harmful chemicals. Biosecurity Technology is at the forefront of the movement to safeguard the globe from the dangers posed by biosecurity threats thanks to their ground-breaking and revolutionary approach to disease management.

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