April 2023 – Singer-songwriter Jacob Rice is quickly becoming among the most buzzed-about rising artists in the Nashville music community. His sound is incredibly dynamic and easy to relate to, with songs that stay true to the timelessness of country music while still bringing a unique touch to the genre. His most recent release, “Open Tabs At Empty Bars,” is an incredibly nuanced EP that introduces Jacob Rice’s talent. This EP is a landmark for Jacob Rice. It offers an even more in-depth insight into the artist’s creativity following his acclaimed debut, “Whatever Floats Your Boat.” 

While the first Ep was a true head-turner, “Open Tabs At Empty Bars” is a coming-of-age release highlighting Jacob Rice’s growth and maturity as a songwriter. At times upbeat, personal and melancholic, “Open Tabs At Empty Bars” has much to offer through its songs, inspired by timeless folk and contemporary country alike.

The upbeat country song “Picture This” will take you back to a carefree day on the boardwalk. With its cheery blend of country elements, this song will undoubtedly make you grin and uplift your spirits.

“Hurt People” is an open examination of suffering. The song encourages listeners to face painful facts while being brave despite hardship. It is simultaneously depressing and empowering and serves as a reminder that it’s okay to experience brokenness from time to time.

“5 O’Clock Shadow” reflects Jacob’s appreciation for the simple joys of life, like sipping a cold beer under the roof of a beach bar, is reflected in this song, which perfectly encapsulates the essence of country music. Anyone wishing to relax and have a good time will find “5 O’Clock Shadow” a favorite with its catchy melody and sympathetic lyrics.

Learn more about Jacob Rice, and listen to “Open Tabs At Empty Bars”. The EP will be available from May 19th, 2023.



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