In the showbiz, there’s a thing called brand awareness and identifying yourself as an artist or entertainer. 1nvite Only out of South Florida is a walking representation of that. We admire him so much because he’s staying true to himself. He’s found his niche and is using that to merge into his artistry when it comes to music and visuals. 1nvite Only embodies a drug-infused emotional melodic style in his songs, showing he can bring his persona to the rap genre. 1nvite touches on his extravagant anti-social lifestyle, self medicating habits, and feelings of betrayal and loneliness. This is something that’s important to have the fans and listeners be able to relate to your personal story. It makes them feel like they’re a part of something bigger than just themselves. It’s a movement to say the least, and having this unique approach will catapult 1nvite to the next level of stardom in the near future. 

He’s no stranger to releasing music and content to further stake his claim as one the top emerging artists out of Miami. 1nvite’s first release “#######” includes seven songs each with a unique perspective into his world. This is the first time we’ve seen a multi-song project with a name as different as this one. It’s creative and unorthodox which is something the game has been missing for some years now. We’re excited to see how far 1nvite is willing to go to let his voice be heard. We know for sure he;s got what it takes in the music, image, story and brand. He’s already got the young audience in the palm of his hands. Whether he’s releasing a new song, music video or rocking the stage at a packed out show he’s going to deliver with high level energy every single time! Keep your eyes peeled for this artist, he means business and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon! 

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