Music has been a crucial aspect in a human’s life since prehistoric times, as when humans inhabited caves, they used to convene around fire to listen and sing songs with primordial instruments. Music not only created a sense of harmony among a tribe and community, but also helped people in establishing a connection with each other.

Since ancient times, music has been taught to cultivate morals and the soul. From antiquity till this day, music has been indistinguishably associated with our religion, culture and social life.Music can be considered as one of the most valuable creations of humans throughout history, which has now become a vital aspect of our lives, whether it is used as a past-time activity or as a stress buster.For a person, music can act as a source of escape from reality and life’s worries as it has the ability to soothe the soul and mind and provide relief. Listening to music can be a relaxing and satisfying experience which rejuvenates our life and elevates our spirits.

Music is a comprehensive language which transcends every boundary and regardless of where a person lives or what language they speak, it has the ability to be felt. Like a time machine, music has the power to send us back in time and let us revisit forgotten and lost moments of our lives. Previously music was just considered as an additional discipline and its importance in our culture and society was underestimated; however, this mindset of people seems to be evolving and changing. In recent times, music seems to have incorporated seamlessly into our lives;steadily sneaking into mainstream culture as well.

Through melodious compositions, a musician tells a story and shares his thoughts, ideas and emotions. However, in order to become a successful musician a person should be investigative, creative, conventional, modest, confident and focused. One such musician who has made his mark in the music industry through his creativity and talent is Landon Hall. Hall since his childhood had the passion to create and compose music and therefore, started playing drums at a local megachurch when he was just 11. Without receiving any proper training or classes, Hall learned to play various musical instruments such as guitar, piano, and bass decided to pursue a career in the field of music.

Initially, Hall joined different bands as a drummer to hone his skills, which later led to his inclusion in the rock band De La Torre whose leader was Anthony De La Torre. This association helped Hall in gaining international recognition and acted as a stepping stone in Hall’s musical career. Throughout his career, he has played different music genres, whether it is rock, country or pop and has composed drum tracks, which were also broadcasted on several radio stations globally.

From writing songs at the age of 18 to becoming an accomplished drummer, songwriter, musician, actor and entrepreneur, Hall has come a long way. He has been featured on various global platforms such as Netflix, Lifetime, Syfy, Spike, HBO, CBS, truTV, and ABC, and has performed in front of live audiences. He also appeared on Nickelodeon’s show,100 Things to Do Before High School, with Anthony De La Torre and the entire band in 2016 and has featured in various events with the likes of popular celebrities like Bon Jovi, Chad Smith, Aerosmith and Katey Sagal, to name a few. During his career, he also had the opportunity to work with the famous producer and songwriter Desmond Child, which was an enriching experience for him.

In order to utilize his knowledge and skill in music, Hall stepped into the entrepreneurial world and laid the foundation of theMusic City Drum Show and his drumstick company Diemond Star. The Music City Drum Show not only provides a platform to the drumming community of the Greater Nashville region to gather, but through this platform, Hall also arranged exhibitions for people from where they could purchase drums, cymbals, sticks, hardware and various other instruments. On the other hand, his company Diemond Star provides drummers with the best quality of drumsticks made with Premium American Hickory, excellent in absorbing shock, which reduces hand and wrist fatigue. His company provides each pair of drumsticks pitch paired, and weight matched, offering unique specs for versatility.

At a very young age, Hall has managed to excel in both the music industry and the entrepreneurial sector, and has set a benchmark for aspiring musicians. With talented individuals like Hall in the music industry, it can be predicted that the industry will grow even more in the future.

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