DJ Kurupt | Limitless Mag: Let us know about Trulia Monroe from when you were younger and the things that you were into before you got into music production and making records

Trulia Monroe: I was given away by my mother at the age of 3 months & raised by my father’s mother. Before I got into music I was focused on Poetry and Art.

DJ Kurupt | Limitless Mag:  Tell us about your name “Trulia Monroe” and what was it that made you choose it as your stage name?

Trulia Monroe: Trulia Monroe represents loyalty and realness. My real name is Julia. Upon making my journey through music I met King Scratch from NWA who represents TruWest based out of California. Monroe is where I was raised.  A small town out of Louisiana. Drop the Ju & add Tru… that’ll leave you with Trulia Monroe. 

DJ Kurupt | Limitless Mag: If you were to describe your own personality in one word what would the word be?

Trulia Monroe: Unique 

DJ Kurupt | Limitless Mag:: What are some of the things you are most proud to have accomplished thus far within your career as a female Rapper?

Trulia Monroe: Writing & Recording myself without giving up & remaining humble is a great accomplishment, also the ability to maintain focus with being an Artist and business Woman. 

DJ Kurupt | Limitless MagTell us about the process of recording your new song “Watch Me Work”?  

Trulia Monroe: This “Watch Me Work” is actually the 2nd version… the first version is actually a song. 

Both versions were recorded in my home studio, then a few months later I went to Vegas for the photo shoot.  Overall maybe a 3-4-month process. 

DJ Kurupt | Limitless Mag:: Is there anything that you could remember regarding an experience you’ve had with fans, maybe while on the road or at a show that you could share with us?

Trulia Monroe: I was actually at a friend’s house where there were kids and upon leaving a little girl tugged on her mom’s dress and asked her if I was Ms. Trulia. Her mom replied yes, and her eyes lit up as bright as the sun. The mom stopped me and asked her daughter to repeat what she said.  I couldn’t do anything but smile and grab her little body for a huge hug.  

DJ Kurupt | Limitless Mag: In which city would you say that you’ve learned the most humbling lesson while on your journey in the music industry?

Trulia Monroe: The city I learned the most humbling lesson was in Houston, Texas.  

You can find me on all Platforms @TruliaMonroe or you can log onto my website which is

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