There’s one thing that quickly stands out about Detroit heavyweights Valid and Stretch Money– consistency. Again and again, the duo continues to deliver with a series of singles that showcase their diversity. From the 80s-influenced electro bounce of “Sentimental”, to the blazing lyrical hip-hop joint “Commentate”, to now the sleek trap-infused “Game Film”, they continue to release one solid single after another ahead of their upcoming project Bill & Isiah. With their newest release, “Game Film”, they are truly adding fuel to the fire ahead of the album’s release, notching the anticipation among their fanbases even higher than it already is.

“Game Film” is a track inspired by 80s cinema, and it is chock full of engaging references to that era of film in both the lyrics and video. Harnessing the theme and bringing it to life with full potential, they expand upon it with vivid production, hard-hitting lyricism, and a cohesive video directed by Jerry Reid. “Game Film” is sleek, stylish, and retro, a combination that can be hard to pull off but Valid and Stretch Money seem to do it with ease and candour. 

As far as the song’s inspiration, Valid mentioned to Stretch that an idea came to him for them to do a record referencing classic 80s movie titles, scenes, and phrases. As he was saying it out loud, it came to him instantly that sports team’s study game film. “Stretch, I got it. To stay true to the concept of the album, we watch game film like sports teams do, but our game film is these classic gangsta’ ass 80s flicks.” Stretch saw the picture painted clearly, and the two went to work on top of the Eddie Logix score. The two MCs would end up penning what both would consider some of their proudest works, and a legit ode to the VHS era.

Check out the video for “Game Film” below and further familiarize yourself with these Detroit mainstays. Also, be sure to stream it on all DSPs HERE.

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