Detroit heavyweights Mike Wilder and Jake Bass has shared a new album called ‘D.E.A.P.’. A collaborative record containing vivid performances from a potent cast of artists, ‘D.E.A.P.’, which stands for Detroit emcees and producers, showcases some of the best the city has to offer across its 10 song run time. Wilder and Bass execute the concept perfectly with a series of strong tracks that are dynamic in sound, containing tinges of lyrical hip-hop, boom bap, trap, and more. A potent, colourful collection of songs, ‘D.E.A.P.’ makes for a highly listenable record full of versatile dynamics as it combines different flavours and styles neatly. Listen HERE.

While “Pray For Me” sets the tone for the album, the artists follow up this track with a diverse set of songs including the hard-hitting “Who’s Who” and the sleek “Allure”. Each joint provides a unique flavour and adds character and replay value to this dynamic record. “Roll Witta Clique” is a particular highlight with its heavy, infectious soundscape and charismatic, commanding flows.

Overall, ‘D.E.A.P.’ is a solid project that showcases Wilder and Bass’ unique vision alongside a series of poignant collaborators that each bring a separate element to the table that works for a strong cohesive whole. D.E.A.P. is the latest poignant offering from Mike Wilder and Jake Bass. Wilder, who executive produced this album alongside Jake Bass originally got his start in the industry by co-producing Eminem’s debut album Infinite in 1996. He also co-founded the prolific music company NUKID, LLC alongside Marky Bass. Be sure to check out ‘D.E.A.P.’ below and further familiarize yourself with some of Detroit’s most talented rappers and producers. 

Stream it here:

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