Sawyer Sharbino is a 17-year-old Texas born singer/songwriter who moved to LA in 2013 and has become one of the most recognized teen influencers in Hollywood reaching more than 165 million views and likes on social media platforms. His song, “Making a Song out of Hate Comments,” went viral when newest song to be released next called ‘Best Friend’.

more than 13k TikTok videos were made to the sound. Just last night, Sawyer Sharbino announced his Sharbino describes his music style as Pop and Hip-Hop with an occasional R & B flare. He currently listens to Kid LAROI, Post Malone, and the late Juice World. Growing up he was a “Belieber” jamming to Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes. Bieber’s song “Baby” influenced Sharbino on many levels, “I thought it was a cool vibe and all the girls loved it and that’s what I would love to replicate here”.

After Sawyer Sharbino’s first song release of 2023 ‘Personal’, fans responded incredibly well to his music and have been eager about hearing him sing another one. His listeners have been waiting quite the while for new music, and that time has now come. Sawyer Sharbino is peaking high with new content being made in the studio daily, expanding his vocal abilities, and pure elevation of his growth entirely.

The talented artist opened up about his pivot into music saying fan encouragement combined with his family’s support gave him the confidence to produce more music after his viral hit. He says his sisters have been a large inspiration for his songs that focus heavily on teen relationships and girl drama. “One of my songs is about my sister and her best friend both liking the same guy, but the guy only liked one of them. I wanted to write something from the guy’s point of view that advocated for the shy girl who is always overshadowed by her outgoing best friend”.

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