Trent Lee is a Kansas City rap artist with extraordinary talent delivering his lyrics with confidence and assurance on his new single “Teach Me”. The instrumental is hard with a strong 808 kick with dope lyrical content to match. The visuals for “Teach Me” are from One Mic w/ RBG. Trent Lee performs infront of high quality cameras and lighting with 1 mic dangling from what it looks like “out of thin air”.

In the song Trent Lee explains how throughout his career he has been advancing through the ranks and peers have been running to him for advice. Though he is still learning himself and considers himself the student they admire his shine and dedication to the craft. It’s been a hard journey for Trent Lee but he makes it looks effortless and his main advice for everyone is to keep going.

The overall vibe of the record is confident with an edgy undertone. I would recommend this song to people who love heavy 808’s, those who love trunk shake music, clubs and car rides.

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