Reaper3lu is an on the rise recording artist ready to break out within the music industry. Music was something that always intrigued him. As a kid he enjoyed listening to pioneers of rap such as Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Eminem and others. It was not until a year ago he decided to pursue music as more than a hobby. He wants to have a legacy in music and be able to provide more for his family.

When it comes to his sound his music is diverse and creative. Most of his catalog however is drill. Right now he is focused on his most current release titled “Special” that is out now on Soundcloud and YouTube. It will be on all platforms this month on the 17th following his live performance and interview with Phresher for STILLGOTDAJUICETV. On the 23rd he will also be dropping an EP titled “3luvieee) with his label RichMudEnt. In the meantime be ready to grab his latest release tomorrow on all platforms.

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