Everyone is talking about Amanda Plumb right now!

There’s talks that she is releasing a monumental record called “Seaside”. Hearing from credible sources that she may be the next big thing this year!

So we felt we had to catch up with the young star.

Hey Amanda! Can you tell me some of your favorite artist or artist you look up to?

Amanda: 6. Oh god I love so many artists. My most recent favorites include Weeknd, Tame Impala, Backseat Lovers, Dominic Fyke, Steve Lacey, Mac Miller, Adele. I’ve always loved Rihanna, The Neighborhood, Fleetwood Mac, Cage the Elephant.

Those are all great artist and I’m sure someone will be saying your name someday.

Any words for those artist that may look up to you?

Amanda: 5. I would tell them that nothing is possible unless you believe in yourself. It’s important to learn how to sort through the helpful thoughts and the discouraging thoughts, telling you you aren’t good enough. There are so many different types of people and you can’t please them all. Just keep doing you and creating what YOU like to create.

Thank you Amanda!

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