Eyez97 is a Rap artist from Salinas, California. He is a self motivated, laid back artist with determination to take over the industry with strategy and good music. He realizes the importance of owning his own marketing and investing good money to take him to the next level. His newest single “Bankrolls” tells his story.

“This my last year being broke. This is my last year with no hope” is how Eyez97 starts his song. He lets the listener know that he is ambitious about his money and he’s going to grow wealth the best way he can. “I just need some bankrolls, some bankrolls” is a chant to manifest more income to fund his career and lifestyle. The song overall has a laid back tone with a cool mellow hyped instrumental. His voice and cadence in this record is warm and mellow with a laid back flow.

BankRolls by Eyez97 is a great song for people who like to smoke, throw kick backs, love melodic vibes and who drive for work. I recommend this song for cool vibes, chill moods and high frequencies. BankRolls by Eyez97 is a cool song! Check it out here: Eyez97 – Bank Roll Spotify

BankRolls by Eyez97 on YouTube

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