There’s two types of people in life, there are those who are born with opportunities, and there’s those who have to work everyday for their accomplishments. Joseph Shafaq is definitely one of those who have to grind day in and day out with no excuses. That’s why we respect where he’s currently at, and where he will eventually end up. Successful, non doubt about it. We know without question, he takes matters into his own hands and to turn his dreams into reality. The love of basketball changed his life, but he’s only getting started. Mr. Shafaq has the potential to surpass his peers bny being both creative and assertive.

Joseph grew up in NY and believe you me, being from a place like that will do one of two things. It will as they say “make you or break you”. It’s almost a “dog eat dog world” or “survival of the fittest” and Joseph adapts well regardless of the circumstances. Though he wasn’t always successful, or born into the position he’s in now. It took him some time to figure out what he wanted to do. Even attending St. John University and even though he’s learned a thing or two there. He discovered college wasn’t really meant for him. After learning more about himself in his college endeavors, the entrepreneur side started to take over. Building a brand became his main focus thereafter. Thus, his own basketball and social media brand “Buck3Teers” was born. Right now, it’s sitting at around 26,000 followers and counting. It’s always nice to see someone start something from the ground up, and master the foundation to expand it.

These days, Mr. Shafaq is steadily growing his brand, also being apart of “Thehoopfilms” running their social media page. That platform is absolutely huge with over 750,000 followers on Instagram, with the majority of their posts going viral in the sports world. This isn’t just a sports brand that anyone can join just because they watch every game. You have to show you’re well qualified to handle the constant need to perform. When you’re at that level they have high standards as millions of people consume their content every post, so everything has to be on point with no exceptions. “Houseofhighlights” is another brand he’s a part of, adding even more experience to his resume. They have over 7 Million Subs on YouTube and 39 Million followers on Instagram. There’s a small percentage of profiles with that large of following. He’s also charismatic on camera as well, interviewing some of the most marquee names there is in sports and entertainment. He keeps the eyes on the screen with the “Man on Street” platforms landing segments with sports fans, and rappers like “A Boogie”. This is all just the beginning for Joseph as he’s building his catalog of work. Remember him as he will be even bigger in the future. We are behind him 100% of the way!

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