According to a survey by the Economic intelligence unit (EIU), “while most organizations acknowledge the importance of the issue, 54% have no policy for human rights, and only 22% have a publicly available statement of policy on this issue.”The violation of human rights inthe workplace is a serious issue we must avoid at all costs.

Here are several ways to ensure human rights are implemented and respected in your workplace.

  1. Pay parity

The most significant human rights violation is pay inequality and the gender pay gap all over the world. According to World economic forum, “it will take, on average, 108 years to close the economic gender gap”. Some organizations, like Adobe, have taken severe measures to remove the gender pay gap.

  • Timely Salary

The issue of timely salary has been the most concerning one. There are several cases where companies don’t pay employees on time, another violation of human rights. To avoid a violation, you should ensure that every employee of your organization should be paid on time. However, the deduction is not the company’s responsibility as the government norms of the country measure them.

  • Your workplace should be safe

As an employer, you must make sure to make your workplace safe by taking severe precautions. Proper equipment like fire extinguishers and first aid supplies should be provided in the workplace with enough people who know how to use them. As an employee, ensure a workplace with no hazardous conditions such as lack of oxygen or exposure to toxic chemicals.

  • Working hours

As an employer, you should always give reasonable working hours. Avoid overworking your clients, as it leads your employees to have serious health issues. It would be best if you never did your female staff work overnight until and unless enough security is provided to make the female employee comfortable.

  • Sufficient Leaves

As an employer, make sure to give your employees sufficient leaves. These leaves could be divided between casual, sick, or vacation. When it comes to making the process of giving, make it simple, and make the manager open to listening out the reasons and granting out the leaves accordingly.

Few people are raising their voices against violating human rights in the workplace. Satpreet Singh has been among them and has been vocal about this issue for a long time.

He says, “Facilitating humanity is the best way to create a better world. The rules, regulations, and policies of the governments, states, and federal need to design to make and facilitate the human as well as the environment. Therefore, making the right strategic policies will make the world beautiful.”

A little about Satpreet Singh

Satpreet Singh teaches individuals how to be successful at what they enjoy doing. Satpreet is all about helping people and the environment because ignoring one of these essential elements can lead to problems. Satpreet is a Punjabi-Indian-American Author, Businessman, Entrepreneur, Researcher, Professor, IRS EA, CTEC, SRTP, California Immigration Consultant, Insurance Broker, and Insurance Agent. He is Ardass Corporation’s CEO. Sixteen years of professional experience have undoubtedly taught him many things that have contributed to his success.

Satpreet is an expert at learning new skills, which explains his wide range of interests. Never pass up a chance because you don’t know what is required for the job; you will be glad you did once you start working on it. Satpreet is making the world a better place for everyone by promoting respect, freedom, equality, diversity, and inclusion.

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