Houston-based artist ArmstrongWW has come through with a new EP called Recovery, which demonstrates his knack for insightful lyricism delivered with soulful, versatile songwriting. Atop a set of warm instrumentals tinged with hints of glowing rhodes pianos, vibrant guitars, and grooving, organic-sounding percussion, Armstrong makes his presence known with memorable verses that linger in the listener’s head long after the track’s run-time is complete. Songs like “Superstar You” show this in full light, with their emotive, expansive sonics and tightly woven lines. He is also dynamic and diverse on the project, demonstrating lyrical, bar-heavy hip-hop prowess on the opener “Hello Earth”. It’s a project that can appeal to anyone, while still remaining unflinchingly true to the artist’s sound and style.

With Recovery, ArmstrongWW appears to be heading into 2023 on a strong note. This release has been anticipated by recently released singles ‘Superstar You’ and ‘Run!’. The soul infused hip-hop project details the thoughts of a first generation African struggling to cope with pressures of the world around him. Usually when a heavy topic such as this is confronted, sorrow is the intended feeling the listener must understand. In Recovery, ArmstrongWW replaces sorrow with the hope that although this world slowly crumbles, there is a way to build a life from the rubble.

About ArmstrongWW: Born Armstrong Orock, ArmstrongWW is an Alternative HipHop/Soul artist involved in an on-going crusade to liberate his birth country of Cameroon, Africa using music as a medium. A year prior to his arrival in Houston, TX, 6 year old Armstrong began writing songs that drew inspiration from movie soundtracks as they often left space for the young musician to explore. Over a decade of time has passed since then and we now see Armstrong being recognized by his signature vocal layering and colorful cadence which has landed his songs on BBC Radio One & gained him over 100,000+ listeners in 150+ countries.

Listen to Recovery now:

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