Shereese Murphy is an accomplished, ambitious and creative entrepreneur who transcends the competition with personality and determination. Managing eczema and being allergic to chemicals in other skincare products, her motivation to create her own brand of luxury and smell goods skyrocketed to maximum heights! While other skincare products deceive the consumers with unknown ingredients not mentioned, Shereese prides herself in being transparent with her business! We interview Shereese to know more about her brand, Bodied By Reese

There are so many skin care products out there, what makes Bodied By Reese’s brand unique?

Im bringing luxury and the fun back to the skincare industry! When you look at other skincare brands it seems so stuffy. I want the girlies to feel good and smell good. I think that’s what sets my brand apart, we get to be silly and bring themes and theatrics while promoting great skincare habits.

We are a unique brand because of my background, I am a theater girl, I love to play and also bring a bougie, luxury side to this industry. It’s all about being your authentic self.

How transparent is the company and product line?

We are very transparent. My products are handmade with Shea butter and mango butter as our base! I don’t believe in keeping anything hidden, what you see is what you get.

Which areas of the body should you pay more attention to?

I would pay attention to your personal trouble areas, for me I have eczema and I can get dry patches on my legs so I focus there. It’s a case by case scenario.

What’s the best way to treat dark spots?

Consistency is key when treating trouble areas and dark spots. I would add the body butter as apart of your skincare routine and you should see a difference. We are not implying that the body butter will treat your dark spots, when it comes to matters like this it’s best to speak to your dermatologist.

What Are The Beneficial Impacts Of Shea Butter On The Skin?

Shea butter relieves dry skin and reduces inflammation and stretch marks! Our skin is our largest organ and we have to make sure we take care it and when it pertains to butter, Shea has always been the best for the nourishment.

Is shea butter use safe for people with nut allergies? Yes it is safe per the FAARP (Food allergy research and resource program(

Have you experienced sensitivity from any skincare products?

Yes I have, not from my own but I have sensitive skin because of my eczema and I can’t really use a lot of scented lotions.

What could your customers expect after 1 month of regular skincare routine using your product?

You can expect your skin to be glowing! Poppin and very soft 🥰

How do customers know if a product is right for them?

It’s all trial and error really, there have been plenty of times where I’ve tried big and small brands that were either good or not so good but you won’t know unless you try.

How does your brand help consumers find out their skin type?

My product is for all skin types!

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