First projects are always the most exciting! It’s like an empty canvas and we’re anticipating a captivating work of art to appear. A full length album literally comes from an artist’s mind, everything from the name of the project to the amount of songs, the type of beats and story they are telling. These things are what makes Cari Melodic so special, simply because not everyone has the capability of doing such. She’s bright, passionate, lyrical and responsible for using her voice to make a difference.

Cari Melodic is a female MC from Fairfield, Ca. Melodic was named by her sister and means producing a pleasant sound or harmony. Since a young age, Melodic has been interested in poetry, using her time to write stories and songs in her diary. In high school, she started freestyling with her friends during lunch and after school. Around this time, she worked diligently behind closed doors to perfect her writing abilities and craft. She constantly has a tune or melody playing in her head. To her, music was a way to express herself and surroundings. Music has been therapeutic to melodic, and her goal is to inspire people to be the best version of themselves, showing them that they can overcome any obstacle. She believes her music will shed light on her community.

Her first project “I Dedicate” displays just that, keeping and pushing her narrative forward. It’s a full length 8 song project just under 30 minutes long. The cover is well put together with a high resolution photo of her sitting on top of an old school collectable car. She’s got some style and class. She’s consistent on each song bringing a young voice full of energy, as well as songs filled with substance and different emotions. She also has a few features from “Lil Thugga” who’s her younger sister, but is also another dedicated talent. Thugga, is an upcoming singer who sounds as if she’s been behind the mic for years. These two have great chemistry and we adore the two of them on tracks together. Songs like “When We Ride” and “Make Change” are really smooth vibes as they show just how well these two coexist.

We’re confident enough to say that if Cari keeps going at this pace, she will be one of the elite female emcee’s in the game. Bringing that true culture of hip-hop back to the forefront.

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