This upcoming artist is making waves through the underground scene. He understands that sometimes you have to start doing things on your own. Also, working with what you have to get where you want to be. Not everyone has large marketing dollars or big budgets at their disposal. It’s all about creating content and making use of your resources. The only thing you really need is consistency. That will trump any area you could be lacking in, in terms of popularity. SmokeDro mastered this hardworking trait, as he knows once you’re consistent, the popularity will follow if that’s what you’re looking for.

In most cases, when artists are planning music videos, they think of extravagant locations, videographers, camera crews with expensive equipment and the whole nine. However when you dig into SmokeDro’s body of work thus far, although he doesn’t have a big label or machine behind him, it would be hard to tell the difference. As the visuals are still done in higher quality pairing that with top notch editing.The locations are actually kind of ironic in a way, for “Make Me” video one scene taking place in a ferris wheel named “Skyviews” down at Bayside in Downtown Miami. There’s other scenes in the stairwell and poolsides with his lady there holding him down. This is showing that he relates to the everyday people who go to normal places, rather than trying to find the most upscale or nicer spots. Also, showing that sometimes all you need is one strong woman to back you up, instead of many women shown in explicit lights in most rap music videos. Sometimes simplicity is key and he’s keeping his work true and authentic to his viewers and listeners.

The video for “Make Me” has gained over 20,000 views on YouTube as it’s well deserved. The time and effort that was put into making this visual shows in the reception it’s gotten thus far. The song itself is produced by “Dkanee” and the video was filmed by “Whoisfear” and “Lobomalohpta” on instagram. He also let us know he handled most of the editing for this visual himself which is amazing! Be on the lookout for more music and content from SmokeDroe as he will be a household name soon!

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