We often hear a lot about the artists all over the blogs, platforms and social media. However, the producers I believe deserve almost just as much of fame and credit. We all have to take into account and remember that without the beat itself, instruments and production, there is no music. Since tracks are combined with music and vocals each part involved plays their part. The article gains extreme exposure and recognition due to their voice, image and their likeness. That being said the guys behind the boards are just as creative if not more than some of the artists.

Richy B, out of Miami, Florida is one of the most innovative producers we’ve heard in quote some time. Although, he’s not on a mainstream level yet, with talent like that it’s only a matter of time. He’s still currently building up his resume and his production credits. He catalog consists of music produced for artists such as James Roan, Le Poodle, Paul Morris, Cynnsage as well his the group he’s a part of called Quietime. Production is just one of his many talents, he can also play numerous instruments like Piano, Guitar and more. To do such acts, you need to have an ear for music. To know what sounds go well with certain styles. We must give him credit for putting in so much work over the years.

If he’s not in the studio on the boards, he’s at live shows performing on stage. Very few producers are able to do such things. Most will stop at just the studio, but that just shows the amount of passion Rich has to make sure music comes out great on all sides on the spectrum. Stay tuned for everything he has coming in the future with other artists and groups. Pretty soon his joint album with fellow Miami artist James Roan called “Elements of Life” will be released to the world. We will attach his socials and previous works below.

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