Everyone wants to make it to the mainstream level of music, or whatever industry they’re sharing their talents in. However, before you reach that point there’s a need to understand you have the start from the ground up. That’s what Miami Rapper “Lil Ominous” has done over the past 5 years plus! His resume and catalog speaks volumes amongst the hip-hop community. Starting out in Miami, Ominous has learned the rules to the game all on his own. Having a business mindset, it translated over to the music and how he puts things together for not only his own career, but for others as well. He’s responsible for some of the biggest stars to emerge from the Miami rap scene in the last five years or so.

He’s highly respected locally in south florida, all by those who are in the music biz such as other fellow artists, producers, DJ’s, venue owners, vendors, podcast hosts, etc. It’s rare to find someone who is selfless in helping others take their career to the next level. He is one of the founders of the 1% movement/collective that’s been making noise in Miami. Garnering over 10k Soundcloud followers, 45k Instagram followers, and over 1 Millions YouTube views along with 9k subscribers, it’s safe to say Ominous knows what it takes to go viral. We all love a success story, this will be one of which that’s deserved as his hard work shall pay off in the future.

We are excited to see what Ominous will do for his next projects, he’s collaborated and worked with the likes of the late great OhTrapStar, Yung Qil, James Roan, Louie Kills, Skater Montez and so many others. He has the ability to lead an entire enterprise if he sets his mind to do so. There will be a change to the Miami sound with the likes of Ominous putting out great music and helping others around him do so as well!

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