Florida artist Voltaire has dropped off a new project called VWAY, an entirely self-produced outing consisting of a series of dark yet emotive cuts containing memorable melodies. Broward County, where Voltaire hails from, has produced many strong artists in hip-hop, and cultivated its own sound with nocturnal, often menacing production and raw raps. Voltaire draws from this school of hip-hop on VWAY, but also injects a hearty dose of originality and forward-thinking production choices. His sound palette is moody, his percussion heavy, and his vocals versatile. He’s an artist primed for this current age, with a character-rich style that catches your attention right off the bat.

There’s also an atmospheric undertone to VWAY, with a ruminative ambiance that adds layers to the project both sonically and thematically. A nocturnal airiness permeates the project, especially on songs like “Delivered” and “Nineteen”, with their immersive sound. “Marilyn Monroe” makes for a project highlight with its engaging, infectious sound that feels sharply-crafted. Closer “Nineteen” culminates the EP with elegant instrumentation and memorable vocals that conclude the project on a high note.

The latest from Voltaire, VWAY contains eclectic, dark sonics with pensive, emotive lyricism woven throughout. A potent new release, VWAY introduces his strong pen game and knack for production as well. Listen to VWAY below and familiarize yourself with the rising Broward County, Florida artist Voltaire.

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