Levi, based in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the Pacific Northwest, blends lyrical flexibility and life experiences to create music on track to light up the mainstream music industry. Levi Zadoff is motivated to infuse pop, punk, rock, and rap elements into a new sound while revealing his alter-ego, Boy Misery.

Gavin Kratt, also known as Dead Hendrix, is a punk/rap musician from Centretown’ CT’ in Ottawa, Canada. He is 20 years old and has been writing music since his teens. DEAD HENDRIX’s music is flourishing in Ottawa due to its distinctiveness and creativity.

With their innovative and sincere album “Dead Summer,” pop-punk musicians Levi Zadoff from Los Angeles and Dead Hendrix from Ottawa present a five-track grieving tale paired with catchy noises.

The EP, which is explosive and unrelenting in its delivery, relates the tale of the summer’s symbolic demise during the COVID lockdown and the deaths of friends and family brought on by the virus and drug misuse made worse by the global pandemic.

The reflective “Alone” tells Hendrix and Zadoff’s tragic tale of isolation and perplexity from two different perspectives, and “Can’t Be God,” where both artists recognize that they can’t control every element of their existence, are among the additional songs.

The five-track EP of about 15 minutes takes listeners on an emotionally charged, sound-driven trip through the summers of COVID, keeping their attention from start to finish. 

Once you’ve heard it, you’ll be compelled to keep listening. It is this album’s potential.

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