Love and positivity are resonant themes in Glenwood Avery’s world. The soulful singer burst into the spotlight off the back of World Change, a single he released during the police oppression of black people in 2020. The easy listening song unpacked Glenwoo d Avery’s exciting abilities as an intimate, incisive writer, his songs carrying substance across spare melodic production.

Thus his debut EP, World Changer is an amalgam of his talents, showcasing through each song, that he’s put in tremendous work in de veloping his sound and honing his sound. Opener “Heaven” is a reminder to believers about the promise of Heaven by Jesus. It’s less of a charge and more of a declaration as Glenwood wails repeatedly with his striking vocals “We’re gonna make it”. Supported by choral backdrops, the track underlines Avery’s lyrical dexterity and his trudging determination to endear listeners to the Good News through his easylistening sound.
However, there’s more to soak in from World Change EP. Glenwood Avery unlocks the do or to his heart on “Conflicted Love”, immersing listeners in a story of how one can be in a relationship but not receive the same energy from a love interest. Over sorrowful guitar chords, his bold, heartwrenching vocals shine through, and one can feel the pain coursing through as he sings.

Survivor dwells on motivation to place one’s complete trust in God. Yes, there might be tough times and challenging situations but total submission to the Creator can be the ultimate solution we desire. As we approach t he end of the project, you are easily impressed by Avery’s instinct for hooks and also, his diaristic storytelling elevates every one of the tracks.

Glenwood Avery is emotionally honest all through the five mattsing EP. It’s evident he parlays troubling ers of his heart into the songs we hear on this EP. And while he shares his emotional burdens with listeners, each song is padded with an overwhelming sense of hope. “My Time” switches the tempo to an uptempo sound, somewhat like a song to revel in, evokin g feelings of joy in you.

As the EP comes to a climax with the song that introduced multitudes of listeners to his name and sound, The World Change EP is all sculpted with a central message of love. Situations can be much better with moments of kindness f rom one person to another. The way we see challenges can be different if we can all be grateful for what God has done so far.


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