Critics are saying he will be the next mega artist to break out of Atlanta.

His raw ability to paint pictures with his clever word play has set him apart from the other up and coming artist. Catering to the streets, his music and style has a natural ability to entice the ladies while speaking for the street culture of hip hop.

LuckGangKibias is from Milledgeville, Ga, a small city in Middle, Ga.

Facing hard time with family pushed him to grow up fast, in the fast lane. He began to develop his professional career after seeing his potential in talent shows as a youth. It wasn’t long after that he made everybody around him see his potential in the hip hop community.

After doing a feature with Serial entrepreneur and veteran recording artist Boosie Badazz,” the Louisiana artist took to LuckGangKibias like family. He began to teach him about the music business and assist him with the further development of his career.

Trending videos of “ Who is 33”? Have been seen on numerous platforms with locals fans and entertainers including the Louisiana rapper “Boosie Badazz.”

Boosie states:
“I’m about to prove to the world what I’ve been telling you about this rapper 33.”
The streetz now want to know is LuckGangKibias taking on the name Badazz? Is he signing to Boosie or is he already signed. Find out who 33 is by checking out his latest release by clicking below.

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