Female artists are stomping down on everything hot this year to set the records straight that they too have a voice which seems nothing is going to stop them from airing their mind out for the world hear.

Limitless Magazine: When was it that you first started recording and releasing music and how did you get into it exactly?

Kita BooJuly 2007. One of my childhood friends made me get on a song with him.. lol. I killed the track and it went up from there.

Limitless Magazine: Explain your new song “Jazzy Bitch” what is the meaning of the song to you?

Kita BooMy interpretation of “Jazzy Bitch” is a female boss with an unapologetic glow about herself. She has a dominating presence and she sets the tone in every room. She’s bold and very confident.

Limitless Magazine: You’ve already done a lot in the industry thus far and most artists would have possibly quit the game by now, let me ask you what is it that you’re still here in it right now for like what is it you must get?

Kita BooI’m still here because of the vision God gave me. I can’t stop until I accomplish everything that I set out to do.

Limitless Magazine: Do you feel you should have been signed by now?

Kita BooIn the past I felt like I should have been signed but not now I don’t. If the right situation presents itself Kool.. but I’m not pressed about it.

Limitless Magazine: Tell us a little about K.B. Entertainment?

Kita BooKB Entertainment is my record label which was founded in February 2012.

Limitless Magazine: What are some of the things to you that are most challenging being an artist and making your moves thru your own city and the world as an entertainer, are there any challenges like things you may attempt to accomplish, but there’s things in the way of you getting to those goals and ideas?

Kita BooI feel that my biggest challenge is patients because I have been putting in work for so long and sometimes, I get frustrated. I used to feel like certain people and situations in my city were in my way or holding me back but now I realize that God was only redirecting my path to something greater and everything will manifest itself in God’s timing. Once I started educating myself on the music business, I started taking the proper steps and I became more powerful and self-sufficient and I realized that NOBODY could hold me back. All I needed was knowledge and consistency.

Limitless Magazine: Two things you love about being an artist?

Kita BooMy influence and my sound. I have a very distinctive voice. I don’t sound like anyone else. 

Hot Box Bonus: If you were asked to put one song together with yourself, another rap artist, singer, and the producer with you all in the studio at the same time who would you pick out for this special feature? 

Kita Boo: Me, Cardi B, Beyoncé and DJ Khaled



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