Limitless Magazine: Let us know how did you grow up and finding your reason for the love of Hip Hop? 

GeoNumindz: The reason for my love for hip-hop is the fact that I grew up in New York City and being surrounded by so many influences. From a young kid I grew up around so much of different cultures, from Salsa music to Jamaican music, which made it that Hip Hop was destined for me in the music world. The first time I felt the music I remember my cousin Charlie gave me an LL Cool J cassette and said here, now you go and listen to this; to me that was like his “Thank me later” approach. There was one particular song on there that was called “I Shot Ya” featuring Fat Joe, Keith Murray, the late great Prodigy, and Foxy Brown. It was from that song that I knew there was a whole new love for hip-hop for me.

Big shout outs to my cuzzo Charlie and my cuzzo Lou Rosa for handing me the tools to this hip-hop culture that we all love. 

Limitless Magazine: What was it that got you to cut your first record and how were you able to get it done like let us know anything that you can remember about the process in getting into the studio and cutting that first track you’ve ever recorded?  

GeoNumindz: My first track I’ve ever recorded was at a community center called 2XL Boxing in Dunkirk NY.

That’s where hip-hop journey began. I appreciate all of the hip-hop legends that gave us the opportunity like Tommy Roque, DJ Mark Buchanan and staff and more. 

We were able to learn how to start recording and producing music at 2XL. 

They gave us a platform to find my love even more there and to be a part of a hip hop group called Numindz.

Limitless Magazine: If we were to have a long discussion about musical influences, who all would you be able to say that has had an impactful influence on you directly?

GeoNumindz: Major impactful people for me would have to be the entire Wu Tang Clan, and Biggie Smalls. Two powerful influences that allowed me to see imagery in the music.

Limitless Magazine: Let us know or explain what you feel that is most unique about yourself and your music to you?

GeoNumindz: My most unique trait in this music would has to be the fact that I am a percussionist at heart first. At 5-years-old I was taught how to play drums professionally by my pops who played professional salsa all his life with big names in the salsa industry. For me that has allowed me to see all of music’s fine sounds of instruments and appreciate music more. 

Limitless Magazine: What are some of the things to you that are most challenging being an artist and making your moves thru your own city and the world as an entertainer, are there any challenges like things you may attempt to accomplish, but there’s things in the way of you getting to those goals and ideas?

GeoNumindz: Challenging things in this music industry now that I didn’t know then would have to be knowing and learning the music business side of things. As a business owner I learned that you have to put money up to make the money you want. (Investing into yourself).  That’s one and two you have to target a market and be open to general markets as well in the music industry. 

Promoting yourself would have to be something that’s challenging while still having to do everything legit. Things I feel I will accomplish will be learning from my mistakes in the path moving forward.

Limitless Magazine: Greatest story of an experience you had through your journey in the music business?

GeoNumindz: I’ve had to many great stories when it comes to the music in general. 

One of my greatest stories would have to be finally meeting NYC’s own Gordooo aka Fred The Godson [Rest in Peace]. And also Recording with Terror Squad Member Tony Sunshine, that was legendary to me.

Limitless MagazineTwo things you love about being an artist?

GeoNumindz: Two thing I love about being an artist is that I can spread my message in anything I have to say or feel when it comes to the music.  Another good thing that I love about my ability to make music as an artist is that I can inspire others through my creation to do what they feel and express the way they feel as well. It’s a great feeling to hear people tell you that you’re a great artist and that you were or are the reason they started to pursue music.

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