St. Louis-born artist Boyu has shared a new album called Flower Garden, which impressed us right off the bat with its character-rich combination of vivid sonics, emotive, poignant lyricism, and infectious vocal melodies. Moreover, the concept behind the record helps draw the listener in to the artist’s world, as each song on the project is resemblant of its own type of flower, an emblem of every track’s unique identity and personality. It is evident that Boyu took the time and concerted effort to focus on the details around this project, and it shows in listening through its 12 song runtime.

Flower Garden contains an infectiously airy, vibrant energy that carries itself across the album’s tracklist. Songs like the title track “Flower Garden” and “Monterey” are gracefully catchy, making for smooth, sharply-written alt-pop and indie influenced offerings. Highlights appear elsewhere in the bouncy grooves and colorful sonics of “Hands Around Your Throat”, and the emotionally dense “Embers Of Our Innocence”- which contains a strong feeling of nostalgia in its heartfelt songwriting.

A versatile project full of authenticity, Flower Garden draws the listener deeply in to Boyu’s world, and in the process makes for a potent listen throughout.

About Boyu: St. Louis native Boyu began his musical journey as a classically-trained pianist before turning his attention to drums, guitar, and songwriting. Originally setting out on the path of corporate banking, Boyu made the decision to relocate from Boston, MA to Los Angeles, CA to follow his true passion- making music. Although he made his debut relatively recently in April
2021, his music and videos gained momentum very quickly and made an immediate impression with listeners, garnering an impressive 1,000,000+ streams independently. The St. Louis-bred artist has also received wide praise for his inherent curiosity and genre-bending musical experimentation, and his songs have been featured on coveted editorial playlists such as Spotify’s Fresh Finds & Bedroom Pop, Tidal’s Rising Pop & .WAV, Pandora’s AMP.

Listen to Boyu’s latest offering Flower Garden below and get familiar with the rising artist:

Connect with Boyu and watch for updates on new music and more: Spotify | Instagram

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