Tuesday, July 2022

Mr. Leang You Sophanna, Founder of PHVCT A2888 Co., Ltd, distributed gifts to the elderly in Kampong Tralach District, Kampot Province, Cambodia.

Kampong Tralach is a district in the south east of Kampong Chhnang province, in central Cambodia. The district capital is Kampong Tralach town located 37 kilometres south of the provincial capital of Kampong Chhnang by road.

The charity event took place in Kampong Tralach district in Cambodia’s Kampong Chhnang province as part of people-to-people diplomatic activities between the two countries. The Kampong Chhnang Provincial Court charged defendant Oum Sophy with incitement to commit a felony for allegedly encouraging villagers to cultivate contested land in 2008. 

The Vietnamese-origin Cambodian community in Kampong Chhnang is facing a range of difficulties, especially during the implementation of the Cambodian Government’s policy to relocate families living in floating houses on Tonle Sap Lake. Since September 2018, Kampong Chhnang authorities have conducted the relocation of those households.

Understanding the plight of the people in Kampong Tralach district, Kampot province, Mr. Leang You Sophanna distributed the money and food to the people to use and eat. At the same time, Mr. Leang You Sophanna instructed the people to live clean. Gap to prevent Covid-19 disease.

PHVCT A2888 Co., Ltd is a legitimate national lottery group in Cambodia that always donates to help many communities.

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