Indianapolis artist Taylor Hall has dropped off a new EP called Happy That it Happened, which contains immersive, focused songwriting throughout as it tackles a variety of sounds and styles in an engaging fashion. An artist, activist, and public speaker, she views her lyrics and music as a form of audio diary, which is reflected in this project’s honest, emotionally resonant sound and style. Never afraid to venture into personal content, the EP gives the listener a clear view of the life and mindstate the artist.

Happy That it Happened kicks off with the bright, soulful “Taking Notes”, which immediately impresses itself upon the listener’s memory with its emotive guitars and focused vocals from Hall. “Chasing Love” makes for another strong track with its airy guitars, crisp percussion, and poignant vocal performance from Hall. “Tried” makes for our personal favorite on the project, as it closes off the EP with an infectious, character-rich cut that provides much replay value.

The latest from Taylor Hall, Happy That it Happened makes for a wistful, reminiscent listen that contains emotionally dense, versatile songwriting throughout.

Listen to Happy That it Happened now and get familiar with the quickly rising Indianapolis artist, who continues to build a focused, inventive discography and versatile sound. Overall, it seems more apparent now than ever with the release of Happy That it Happened that Hall is here to stay.

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