Los Angeles artist P1 has shared a fresh new single called “Touching You”. Continuing his growing discography of engaging, infectious singles, “Touching You” is a poignant cut containing confident sonics and a memorable vocal performance from P1. The song’s crips, west coast-influenced percussion and glimmering samples create a stylish backdrop for P1’s vocals, which are sharply-crafted with their enticing mix of melodious vocals and hip-hop stylings. Building throughout dynamic verses and culminating in a strong, catchy hook, “Touching You” is a track that lingers in the listener’s mind long after it’s finished playing. Accompanied by a warm, sleek new video that captures the song’s engaging, stylish feel with its sharply-crafted visuals, “Touching You”‘s music video provides a cohesive whole package of sound and image.

P1 is an artist from South Central Los Angeles, who began his music journey at age 5. He started recording and creating music in his father’s studio, and since then has been striving to gain prominence in the industry and perfect his unique sound. P1 grew up listening to renowned rappers like Lil Wayne, Nas, 112, and Biggie Smalls, and his sound can be compared to rappers like Nipsey Hussle and Jay Rock, alike. With collaborations alongside Roddy Rich, P1 has been gaining traction among fans and melodic rap lovers. His latest song, “Touching You” is a captivating and vibrant cut that splits the line between hip-hop and R&B, making it appealing to a variety of listeners. 

Take a listen to “Touching You” below and get familiar with the rising LA artist, who has been steadily building a discography of versatile, engaging offerings.

Watch the music video for “Touching You” here:

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