Released on 1 October, “Talk On The Facts” is a mix of trap and rap. It is a song about how Brando Bando’s and Fto Dot’s haters come after them without any facts to back up their disses. In the song, these two rappers school their haters on women, money, how to rock the best designer wear, and of course, how to spit on the mic properly.

Brando Bando is an upcoming rapper from the Bronx, New York. New York is not only home to some of the greatest rappers but home to rappers who have changed the sound of hip-hop. Brando Bando’s style feels fresh with aggressive but entertaining lyricism. Brando Bando also has other songs under his belt, with “No Rap Cap Freestyle” and “Break Da Bank” being some of the most popular. 

“Talk On The Facts” has an aggressive edge but remains groovy and full of energy. You could play it for a good time or when you are pumping yourself up to settle some score. The constant bass drops make good points to drop a move or nod your head to support whatever fact Brando is spitting. 

Because Brando and Fto Dot adopt such a fast delivery method in “Talk On The Facts”, it is easy for the hooks to fly over your head. But, much to their credit, you will have to listen to the song severally to grasp their lyrics fully. The song begins, “Niggas be capping, let’s talk on the facts.” They then go on to “talk facts” about everything they have,  everything they can do, and just a little bit of raunchiness to top it all off, “She on my body, she finna shake it…I know that she wants me to spank it.” 

These bass drops come in handy, especially well towards the end of Fto Dot’s verse, where there is a 3D effect on his voice before the last drop, where Brando delivers his last verse. The lightness of Fto Dot’s voice also compliments Brando’s baritone voice. 

Edited by Sage English Visual, the video “Talk On The Facts” seems to have been filmed around Brando Bando’s neighbourhood. It captures the essence of the community around him, perhaps his favorite streets where they had to stop traffic to film, his gang of friends, and some children trying their hand at rapping. 

His friends rap along to the song, at some points loudly chiming in, and at others, they are just having a good time, busting moves in alleys and on top of cars. The scene shift is also quite fast, keeping up with the song’s fast tempo.

Altogether, the video breeds familiarity in you. It’s not one of those outlandish videos that feel alienated and just for the people with deep pockets. Instead, it feels like you are walking with Brando from the local grocery shop and churning out some serious bars.

Fans can listen to “Talk On The Facts” from all major streaming sites. They can also catch up with Bando Brando and Fto Dot on their Instagram pages. 

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