Who is Young Dunt? Tell us about your personality, your thoughts, a little of your visions and your character as you see it, so the readers get a picture on the whole scope of Young Dunt.

Young Dunt: I’m a very laid-back humble type of person but I also know how to turn up and have fun. Anything I put my time into I take very seriously. Music is the only way I express myself. I try to speak on real life experiences & situations and try my best to think of ways to stand out from the crowd and be versatile. My music describes who I am, and I enjoy the studio and try to let people relate and feel what I’m putting on a track.

Let’s say you had to pick one of your songs that would best describe your style to you from the delivery to the concept and all, which song would that be? 

Young Dunt: “In My Lane” would best describe my style because it basically tells my life. I was once struggling in life, but I got it together and got my priorities straight and I stop trying to fit in with people and just focused on me and where I’m trying to go.

If you were able to predict the future where would you be 10 years from today?

Young Dunt: 10 years from now I see myself successful in the music industry with a family of my own being the best version of myself. 

What is the most remembered statement that either one of your parents may have said to you that still motivates you to this day?

Young Dunt: My mom always told me ever since I was a little kid that I can do anything in this world as long as I put my mind to it. My dad told me the same thing as well and that always kept me going all these years. 

With the weight on the world from the effects of COVID 19, has you and your family been ok?

Young Dunt: Yes, my family and I have been safe thanks to man above. 

How has the pandemic effect your business and what did you learn from it particularly that you apply today?

Young Dunt: The pandemic effected a lot of things because it’s places I wanna travel to but since COVID started I been staying home working on my craft. I make sure to keep my mask on when I do step out though. 

At this point in your career and in your life is it important to you to be in a relationship with a significant other and if so, how important is it for you?

Young Dunt: Yes, it’s very important to me because I’m in a relationship right now with a beautiful woman. She been down for me since I met her, and she keeps me going.  

We ask this question because when you see a Jay Z and Beyoncé or a Gucci Mane and Keyshia and knowing they’ve built their empire much stronger together how does that thought sit with you if you think of it at all?

Young Dunt: It sits well with me because having someone in your corner that keeps it real with you and motivates you is a blessing. Having a strong support system is a huge key to success in my opinion because they push you to do better and remind you to stay focus on what you trying to achieve. 

If given the opportunity to do one thing over tell us that one thing you would do differently because maybe you didn’t get the results you were expecting?

Young Dunt: If I was to do one thing over it would probably be to take my music more seriously from the beginning when I first started. I started in 11th grade but I was involved in so many things I didn’t have time to just fully commit to music. 

Do you listen to mixtapes and if you do what was one of the best mixtapes you’ve heard to this day and what was it that you liked about that tape?

• Young Dunt: Yeah, I listen to mixtapes most definitely and of course DJ Kurupt’s Street Corner mixtape is one of my top five because it always has some dope artists on there. nothing but hits and club bangers on it!

HOT BOX Bonus: If you were asked to put one song together with a singer, a rapper, a producer and you in the studio all at the same time who all would you pick? 

• Young Dunt: I would most definitely pick Zaytoven as the producer! Every instrumental he ever created was dope. As for a singer I would choose Rod Wave. His voice is spectacular, and I love his style of music. The rapper I would choose would be Lil Baby. I think he a great artist and I think we could create a #1 song together with our styles put together. 

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