Following two successful releases, non-binary pop artist daddi ru (they/them) returned to the spotlight with a Major Stage performance in Brooklyn, NY; opened up by Grand Master Caz. The Hip Hop legend took the crowd down memory lane before the two performed their single “Parasite” and daddi ru really put on an amazing show. The artist immediately took control of the stage and performed songs like “dissociating”. A recently released single that tackles the artist’s struggle with mental health; at times wishing to live inside of another reality.
Pulling inspiration from deep personal experiences, daddi ru is not afraid to express the bold and raw emotions that progressed through their mental health journey. Whether it be getting over that “Parasite” ex or “dissociating” from the world; daddi ru aims to resonate with those that have experienced similar struggles. Determined to make sure their voices do not go unheard.
Although only two releases in, the queer pop-riser is no stranger to music. Growing up playing singing games with their father to taking random singing gigs through out New York City, daddi ru has displayed that they posses not only the talent but star quality to make a big name for themselves.

Check Out “Dissociating” below:

Check Out “My Parasite” below:

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