Q: Who is Honey Staxx?

 Honey Staxx is an educated black woman. She performs well on stage and interacts with the crowd. Honey Staxx cares about youth and women empowerment.  I am creative and have many talents. I am sweet, beautiful and thoughtful. On the other hand, I can be a savage lyrically. 

Q: Tell us briefly how growing up in New York City was for you? And let us know just a little about your childhood life like somethings you were into as a kid?

Growing up in the Bronx was rough after my father left. My mother did the best she could do to keep me and my siblings out of trouble. She put me and my sister into tap dance. I went to public school. Everyone in the neighborhood was struggling so we all benefited from free breakfast and lunch. I grew up poor, black with white no frill can goods, food stamps, taking bottles to the store for money, fighting kids and ultimately selling drugs. If it wasn’t for my mother sending us to camp every summer, who knows what I would have gotten into. My mother was cool, so she allowed everyone to come play with us. We jumped rope and played kick the can. Once I got into the school of the arts, I started paying more attention to my talents and took school more seriously. That’s when I started hanging in Edenwald Projects and was in talent shows. My sister was into boys so whenever I hung out with her, I was being peer pressured. I loved school and I really wanted to stay on the right track, but growing up poor, getting teased, fighting all the time ultimately led me to teenage pregnancy.

Q: How did being in the music industry start out for you? 

I started out by recording my first song at Damatrix Studio in New York om 2015. I came up with the name Honey and then Anton Inch from the web series 848 came up with Staxx. So, from there, I began calling myself Honey Staxx. I would pay to perform in show cases. I would travel and perform anywhere I could. It was hard because I had to pay for beats, studio time, and travel all by myself.

Q: What songs are you listening to outside of your own music? Like who’s on your playlist?

     I listen to a lot of Jamaican Music because they talk a lot about life and I can relate to that so artists like, Mavado, Moyann, Masicka, Vybz Kartel, Alkaline, Popcaan and Shenseea are on my playlists. I also listen to all of the Certified Nation Entertainment artists.  I listen to a lot of Mary J Blige and older R&B hits because it puts me in a zone. I love Pop Smoke and wish he was here because he made me change my mind about music today. 

Q: Let’s talk about goals! In the next 3 to 5 years from today where would you want to see the Honey Staxx brand? 

  I really want to see myself on tv in the next 3-5 years. Whether it be on stage performing or in a sitcom/movie. I want to do something with teenage females.  I also want my brand to unite female artist.

Q: If there was one thing that you could change about the music industry what would you change? 

    How brutal and cold it can be. Being in the music industry is hard because of social media/the internet. People dig up your past and try to assassinate your character. You have to be careful about almost everything that you do, or everything can be taken away from you. We are all humans and are bound to make mistakes.  I also don’t like how women have to sexualize ourselves in order to be noticed or sell records. I also would change what types of music get heard. The radio stations are being paid by the artist who have money and so artist like myself that have lyrical ability sometimes go unheard.

Q: We know you’re not a rookie in film industry so were there any new films you are working currently or upcoming?

      I went to the Paid in Full 2 casting call recently. I hope and pray that I get a call back to audition. I’ve been following Damon Dash for a while and I love listening to him talk so being in his movie would be a dream come true. 

Wu Tang American Saga is coming out soon and I was in the concert scene. That was dope! Oh, let’s not forget Rustin, that is also coming out soon and I am proud of that as well.

Q: How do you feel about the drill rap music industry right now? 

     I feel that Pop Smoke was the King of Drill and I still listen to him. I love drill beats. I can’t lie it does something to me lol! However, I don’t listen to drill music every day because I’m not into gangs and fighting. The music must have meaning. Pop Smoke wrote about love and relationships, so he had my attention.

Q: What is it about Honey Staxx that the world really needs to know if they do not already know?  

    I want the world to know that the talents that I was given were for a purpose and I would like the opportunity to utilize them. I just need a chance. I want the world to know that through all of my adversity, I managed to obtain my bachelor’s degree in science, raised my sons, and I am ready to make hits. I really do see myself as a star. I really think I have what it takes. I am a great performer and I give my best all of the time. 

Q: Do you sometimes feel like most artists aren’t being giving a fair shot at gaining the proper exposure and success they deserve in terms of the music industry?  

I do feel that way sometimes. You have to gain your own following before you’re even taken seriously. It’s about the money. Nobody is going to invest in you if you can’t sell out shows and generate revenue. Nobody is going to put money up if they feel that you can’t get them their money back. I understand that it’s a numbers game. 

Q:  Hot Box Bonus: If you were asked to put one song together with yourself, a singer, a rapper, a and a producer all in the studio at the same time who would you pick out for this song feature? 

I would love for Ye or Swizz Beatz to produce the record, Mary J Blige and Lil Kim to be on the record and Toni Braxton or Alicia Keys.  If I could collaborate with Tems, Shenseea or the Wu tang clan that would be a dream come true. 

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