DJ Kurupt Mixtapes: Who is DAJULYN?   

Q: Tell us briefly how growing up in North Carolina was for you? What was childhood like for you?

I actually grew up in South Carolina. Raised in both Orangeburg, SC and Lake Wylie, SC. Growing up was a lot of fun. I, along with my family, would go to the skating rinks, movies, SC State University Homecomings, family functions and church gatherings. I grew up singing in the church at 4 years old. As time went on, I took singing more seriously and began recording at 11 years old all while playing recreational soccer. 

Q: How did being in the music industry start out for you? 

The start was very smooth because I have great mentors to help guide me along the way. First, my parents play a huge role because they believe in me and still support me financially. They keep me grounded. My cousin Shawn was the first producer I’ve ever worked with. That opportunity to be in a professional studio at 11 years old gave me head start from others that started later in life. Outside of my family, there were others to help me as well. One being, J-stylz, a member of Backstreet 2. I started working with him at 19 years old. He helped me with vocal arrangement and understanding song structure. Most importantly, God played a huge role in aligning the right people along the way. 

Q: Talk about the process it took you to create your new song “Company”  

I was on the way to the studio and looked up Jeremih, Ty Dolla $ign type beats and started creating the record. At the time, I was in a “situationship” and it was very toxic. Some days we were good and other days we weren’t. He would always go to the clubs and afterwards he would hit my line to make up. In the beginning, I was more serious than he was, so this would aggravate me, but he had the type of personality to convince you to no longer be upset. Eventually, I would want his company every time. A continuous cycle. 

Q: Have you always had dreams or plans to perform with a live band?

Yes. I love live bands. Love how you can take any record and rearrange it in so many ways. Also, the chemistry on stage with a band is so different. Very high energy. 

Q: What songs are you listening to outside of your own music? Like what’s on your playlist?

My playlist consists of Dajulyn, Brandy, Vedo, Latto, Jhene Aiko, H.E.R., K Camp, Drake, Kehlani, Anita Baker, etc. 

Q: Your songs Kissing You and On Chill, it is obvious that you like the original songs they’ve come from, tell me the process you went through in making these two tracks and why did you choose these songs to do?

I wanted something different when I released Kissing You. The producer on the record is Krazy Figz along with co-writer Chranel Charnel. Prior to this record, Dirty Diana 2.0 was released which spoke on men being sneaky, so I felt like I wanted to give my fans a softer side of me. On Chill is a cover song that I was just having fun with. There is already a male version out and I wanted to give a female version. 

Q:  Tell us about your experience meeting and performing in front of Hip Hop’s legends KRS 1 and Grand Puba and others and how that experience left you feeling.

It was an amazing experience opening up for Hip-Hop legends. I rehearsed so much for that show and it was good to hear great feedback. 

Q: Let’s talk about goals! In the next 3 to 5 years from today where would you want to see the Dajulyn brand? 

I can see myself winning Grammys, opening up businesses, acting in movies and TV Shows, sponsorships, developing artists, working in radio and podcast and anything to do with entertainment.  

Q: Did you have a chance to speak with John P Kee when you opened for his show? If so, what was that conversation like?

I didn’t get the chance to speak with John P Kee; however, I met some young gospel singers that went viral around the time. 

Q: If there was one thing that you could change about the music industry what would you change? 

I would change how men work with women. I’ve had some awkward encounters. Nothing too crazy, but I’ve heard worse stories. 

Q:  Hot Box Bonus: If you were asked to put one song together with yourself, a male singer, a rapper, a producer with you all in the studio at the same time who would you pick out for the features? 

I would love to do a record with Chris Brown, Wale and the producer would be Hit Maker. 

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