Emsee is one of those musicians you might end up underestimating just because of his looks. He has that young-ish face that betrays the kind of music he makes. He is aggressive, or in more urban terms, he has no filter. He picked up this approach when he was young and spent his time with a crowd that was older than he was, an edge that, combined with his rapping skill, has made him a rapper to watch out for. 

“Serve acid tabs unworthy got a Lil bad bitch in New Jersey, and she gonna fuck for a Lil white, nigga better duck they shooting tonite, watcha gonna do you ain’t gonna fight,” is one of the lines from his latest release, “Thrills”. After his previous success in Damn, a collaboration with KNG BST and Big Tone, Emsee is giving his fans another big tune. “Thrills” is a fun, easy-going song from his project: Limbo.

Real name Matthew Cisneros, Emsee comes from the pronunciation of his name when abbreviated. Emsee used much of his free time in high school to freestyle rap. He was drawn to hip-hop because of his ability to craft and churn out stories poetically. Emsee draws a lot of inspiration from his personal life; all he wants from his music is for his fans to relate with him. 

Co-produced by Emsee, Triggahappy Music, and Wellington Armelin, “Thrills” is a song about the double-edged sword of dealing with an uncertain or complex situation. Of course, you have to deal with the ugly stuff, but you can also look to the few happy things happening around you. 

“Thrills” opens with a synth sound that sounds like a mix of a piano and electric guitar warped chord progression. It loops throughout the song, giving it a trippy feel. The tempo is relaxed, with Emsee using his delivery to break up the rhythm. He is almost swallowing his words in some parts, while in others, he feels like he barely takes a breath between the lines.

The drum, hi-hat combination is also laid back. Toward the end of the song, Emsee and his production team add a brief part that sounds messy but creative. It sounds like the background chord progression has been chopped and looped. It serves well to gear up for the climax, where Emsee pauses before giving us the final punch.

“Thrills” would be a good song to listen to when you are winding down from a party. That transitional moment where you don’t want to stop having fun but don’t want something too hype. 

The video to “Thrills” is another collaboration by Emsee and Matt Rush, also having worked together for the video of Damn. Majorly set in an amusement park, the video has a retro feel. The video plays around with the neon lights coming from the park, making them feel warmer and blurry. Emsee’s scenes have the same psychedelic effect. Although only Emsee features in the video, it is still an enjoyable watch.

He then finishes the song with a hint that we should all be watching to see how big he takes his music, “I’m a get gone tonite mark my throne foreal, ride with the mob grip on the fire hold on to life big thrills.”

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