Chicago artist 3M DJayy has shared a brand new album called GOING DARK, produced entirely by Brav06. An intriguing, luscious album that draws influences from hip-hop sounds coming out of the Chi as well as Detroit, the cloudy, elegant 9-track project frequently injects humour into its formula, making for an engaging and charismatic offering. Laced with dynamic, poignant rhymes and deeply atmospheric instrumentation, the album leans on its strengths for a project with much replay value and staying power. It also separates itself from the crop with its smoothly orchestrated yet left-field sampling and outside-the-box percussion from Brav06, as well as eclectic and character-rich vocals from 3M DJayy.

Opener “light show” provides a graceful soundscape with its uplifting strings and glowing keys drifting atop a heavy, immersive rhythm section, as 3M DJayy matches the beat’s stylish feel with his sharply-crafted, sleek verses. “no propane” was our favorite song off the record, with its colorful, laid-back synths arpeggiating atop rich, booming percussion. Here, 3M DJayy shines on the mic with melodically-tinged inflections and raw flows.

The latest from Chicago artist 3M DJayy and producer Brav06, GOING DARK is an engaging and mesmerizing set of 9 songs that injects humor in a self-aware manner throughout. Stream the new project below and get familiar with these rising, talented artists and their new album.

Listen to GOING DARK now:

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