In a world full of machines and technology-based products, it is important to have something that serves as a reminder of life to you. In today’s world, art is more than just a source of room decoration, modern art challenges your intellectual abilities and makes you rethink the preexisting ideas that you might have held all your life. By dissolving ourselves into the feelings of art, we challenge our own mindset. Bare walls of a living room makes it prosaic. Most of the people focus on furniture and interior while deciding for room décor but they miss the most important thing that energizes the room — modern art paintings.

With the right paintings of modern art, any living room can be transformed into vibrant living room that radiates positive energy. Modern art is a response to the traditional practices in the form of creativity, it provides perspectives of the new world and the life it constitutes. Contemporary society has manifested itself in the new age in the form of modern art and technology has a role to play in it. Modern artists experiment with forms and innovate ideas. Modern art exhibits modernism in the form of different shapes, lines and colors in their work.

Creating a focal point in your living room
Focal point is very important to for not just the living room but every room in your house. Modern Art paintings are a perfect way to provide a focal point to your living room. For the creation of a perfect focal point, you can hang the modern art painting over a fireplace or over the head of your sofa. Modern Art point should be placed at a position from where it can serve as a talking point. It should be visible to everyone in the living room.

Modern Art brings Intrigue
Modern art paintings add color to the blank walls along with adding texture and depth to the living room. If you want your room décor to stand out then modern art is the best choice of decoration for you. If your living room walls are painter with white color then you should look for bluish modern art paintings to add radiance to your room.  It is very important to bring your personal feelings and thoughts out while decorating your room with modern art paintings. For example, if you are a strong supporter of women rights then you can buy paintings of Cindy Sherman whose work is based on the examination of role of women in the society. Therefore, to make your living room intriguing, you should decide the modern art paintings according to the likelihood of your emotions.

Bringing Texture to your Living Room
Some paintings are two-dimensional and some are three dimensional. In order to bring a varying sense of texture into your living room, you should go for modern art paintings. The texture of the room can be made perfect by hanging modern art paintings.

Choosing the perfect modern art for your living room
People often get confused while buying art pieces for their home. Thus is because of the mixed feelings that they might have while buying a painting. Here are a few tips that you should keep in your mind while buying a painting for your living room.

  1. Buy the art that you love. The painting that you will purchase for your living room should be able to evoke a reaction in you. You should be able to express emotions of any sort while viewing the modern art painting. If the paintings for your home décor are not according to the likeness of your mind and are unable to trigger any emotions inside you then you should refrain yourself from buying that piece of art. After all, it is you who will have to see the painting most of the time. Therefore, it should be a decision according to your will and your feelings.
  2. Select the painting by size. If you want to decorate your living room with multiple paintings then the size of the paintings should be considered before their purchase. You can decorate your entire room by hanging the larger paintings first and then filling the spaces with small-sized paintings. Therefore, you should keep in mind the size of the walls of your living room and the number of paintings that you want to buy. On the other hand, if you do not want to fill your entire living room then you should go for one or two large sized paintings that display modern art.
  3. Select the modern art painting by color. Not every color looks beautiful in a living room consisting of white walls. Color of the room plays an important role in the deciding the perfect choice of the painting. You can employ the use of accent hues in order to select the right color for your paintings. Keep one or two colors in mind that are already present in your living room and then decide the modern art painting that you really want to buy. The right color contrast is important to create a sophisticated result.

In the modern times, modern art fulfills the quench of art lovers who want to see everything in one painting. Modern art is a mix of traditional, technological and abstract art like the ones found on You can view modern art from all perspectives and let it guide your thought process. Modern art paintings attracts the eyes of viewers and changes the whole texture of a room. Your living room can be made perfect with the right choice of modern art paintings. Therefore, you should buy modern art paintings by famous artists in order to kill the boredom that you usually face while sitting in your living room.

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