G Syier Hawkins Brown is an American award winning songwriter, producer and arts & entertainment music industry executive from Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia has played a major role in the musical influence in the R&B, Rap, Gospel and Hip Hop genres and has birthed some of the industry’s greatest acts. Having pinned classic Billboard chart topping hit singles for artist; Maxwell. Patti LaBelle, Diana Ross, Phyllis Hyman, Boyz II Men, Joe, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince club diva Robin S., Mario, gospel legend Edwin Hawkins just to name a few. Hawkins’ productions on hits by; Tupac Shakur, TLC, and other artists made Hawkins a sought after producer and re-mix producer in the 1990’s. 

G Syier Hawkins Brown started his career in music singing background vocals on studio projects in Philadelphia for R&B hit producer, Nick MARTINELLI for well known artists such as Stephanie Mills “I Feel Good”. That was the spark that helped him find his true musical calling. G Syier Hawkings Brown is a natural born lyricist. He hears the beat or the melody and words naturally flow to him. 

The most challenging project to date is when he worked with Aretha Franklin. It was a shock and awe moment for him, but one he had to snap into producer mode quickly for. His professionalism and determination makes him a delight to work with. G Syier Hawkins Brown’s resume is extensive as he has helped co create with many legends and is quickly becoming one himself. 

Brown has worked as an A&R Director for Sony Music in New York City  and currently Hawkins is the Founder, CEO and Chief Creative Director of his newly formed company ELITE URBAN Entertainment & New Media Productions EU a G SYIER HAWKINS COMMUNICATIONS Company is a reality television development and productions company in addition to a concert promotions and live events division, which served as a local Philadelphia PA promotions support to the largest promotions company in the nation, LIVE NATION back in 2014 and 2015 for the Jay Z Made in America event.

Brown wears many hats and is really the true jack of all trades. He also has a history of acting as he co starred in BET Europe sitcom “The Pastor Frank”. However right now he is focused on his 2 new artists under his music group, Iconic Music Group (IMG) while also working on developing new and bold LGBTQ + situational reality based programming as well as a new feature film shedding light on gay Philadelphia police officers doing their daily walk of life. Brown has been in this industry a long time and plans to leave his mark on every part of the entertainment industry.

A big accomplishment this year was that one of the songs he helped to co-write “Show Me Love” by Robin S was used as a sample in Beyonce’s 2022 hit single “Break My Soul”. This song is breaking the charts and has gone viral literally on all platforms. Brown was pleased to have helped as an attribute for that song’s success. 

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