Was there a certain moment that was a turning point in your life:

The biggest turning point in my life was four years ago when I decided to exit out of the system, and believe in myself and my vision.

Thank you to my Manager and Mentor Coach Ed Harris spoke to me every day until that day came and I’m so thankful for his strong words of encouragement.

It made me want to pack my bags up and leave it all behind. It was time for a change and it was time to go after my dreams, my goals, and my vision. I had to share my story.

How did that help you shift to who you are today?

Man, being born in Romania then being adopted at 5 years old only to be placed into the system… At the age of 13 it was a lot to take in but as the days, months and years went by. 

I was able to just accept what I was going through. It was so hard, so many tears – so many regrets – so many what if’s. 

Now that I look back I’m so thankful for all the things I went through cause I am at a place where I can share my story with someone that needs to hear it or is going through something difficult. 

Having faith in yourself is so important and believing in yourself is what counts, and finding your purpose in life. I want to thank everyone for believing in me. 

My relationship with God also means a lot to me and has helped me truly keep faith and become who I am today.

Is there a methodology that you pursue and live by?

My uncle Billy always used to tell me to take life one day at a time, and to always pray and you will find the answers.

I still live by these words to this day, and they help me with my struggles.

Who do you think your music appeals to? In what way do you help/influence them?

My music is for everyone and I want people to be able to relate. I want to make music that is relatable.

I feel like I help my supporters understand that anything is possible and to never sell yourself short in life at all!

What can we expect to see from you?

You can expect more music from me.

Touring, connecting with my supporters, albums, singles, etc… BET Awards, Grammy Awards, VH1 Awards, etc… 

Hit records and radio hit songs! I want to do it all.

When can we look out for your newest project?

I’ll be releasing a new EP at the start of 2023. I have some really exciting music to release and it’s going to set me apart I believe!

I can’t wait for you guys to hear it all and be part of my journey.

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