Bronx artist Charlie Wayy has returned with a strong new full-length project called ‘Sweet Sixteen’. The prolific rapper’s gritty, lyrically focused style is captivating and evocative, as he paints vibrant pictures with his rhymes while capturing the mood of NYC. His latest record, ‘Sweet Sixteen’, executively produced by Ricky Mapes, is a powerhouse of an LP, featuring contributions from Neako, Los, Def Soulja, and more.

From the get-go, Wayy’s razor sharp pen game is evident, with “Vancourtland”’s dazzling rhyme schemes and raw, immersive production taking centre stage. Our personal favourite “Penn Station” belongs among this year’s best underground hip-hop tracks, with elegant, infectious pianos drifting beneath Wayy’s focused, descriptive lyricism. Tracks like “Mac Man” and “Badboyz” are hard-hitting while balancing it out with a graceful touch, making for stylish yet grimy offerings. “Armageddon 2000”, featuring Yon Cash, contains an especially intriguing instrumental that draws the listener into the track’s nocturnal atmosphere, paired with superb rhyming from both Wayy and Cash.

‘Sweet Sixteen’, overall, is a record that pays homage to hip-hop’s roots, while putting a modern twist on classic NYC sounds. Containing poignant lyricism and powerful, memorable instrumentation, the project is a must-listen for any fans of underground and lyrical hip-hop.

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