So, you have finally approached her after mustering enough courage! If you followed our previous tips right, you should have her number by now. What will you do to seal the deal? What’s next?

In fact, when you don’t have any pressure in saying something in real time, you can craft your message more creatively by following these foolproof tips, on how to ask her out on a date through text.

1. Get her attention and make her laugh

If you gave her your real number and not a fake one, you should have already made a good impression by now. In fact, there are debates on whether to text her right now or make her wait some time. The best thing is to do whatever suits your situation. Have a great opener whenever you decide to go ahead and text her. Be the guy that she will want to get to know by being funny and witty.

2. Use good grammar

Grammar is extremely important. For example, which of these messages would you be ready to respond to?

Message-1 – Helo, wadsup? U luk pretty fine.

Message-2 – Hello, How did your day go?

No doubt, you would respond to message-2 instead of message-1. Good grammar and spellings help create an image in the girl’s head that you are an understanding and decent guy.

3. Talk about specific interests or other things you have noticed about her

Instead of just saying she is hot, why not mention something she mentioned in the passing? In fact, observation is key, and she will definitely give you extra points for the extra work. Your plan is to talk to her and not just hit on her. The best way to do it is by asking certain things about herself. You show her that you are more interested in her when you ask “So, you have been to Australia. What is it like there?” instead of just saying “Oh, girl. You look hella fine.”

4. Be definite

Ask a specific question if you want a clear answer. You should be direct and ask her out this week instead of saying “We should hang out soon.” It lets her know that you are eager to get to know her better. On the other hand, she will have a little room to renege on you by deciding whether she wants to hang out with you or not in the beginning.

5. Make concrete plans

Most guys don’t make concrete plans with the girls they like. This is one of the biggest mistakes they make. Now, you have talked to her and exchanged contact information. It’s a waste of your time if you don’t follow that up with some stable enough plans.

It is time to solidify those loose plans that we mentioned earlier and bring them to action. The trust is that most girls will flake out on you in case you don’t make stable enough plans. You should ask her out and set up the date and time for the event. Here is a good question to start, “Do you want to grab drinks this week?” If she accepts the offer, ask if Thurs or Fri would work for her. The next step is to set up the time. Just text her, “Great, that is cool for me, too. Does 7 or 8 pm work for you?”

The more details you both agree on, the more real the plan is for her. It reduces her chances of bailing out on you by 1000%. You will get your date and a guarantee that she will show up.

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