Musical Artist Q Muzik releases two new singles! His first song Break talks about depression and dealing with life problems while his second song Life’s Too Short ( the meaning of the song is pretty self-explanatory in the title) tells the people around you that tomorrow isn’t promised. The goal of Q Muzik first and foremost is for listeners of his music to be able to relate to the message he portrays in each song he releases. 

Check out more about Q Muzik and his music below:

Where are you from? 

Jackson, TN

What advice do you have for your younger self, first getting into the music industry? 

The music industry is a numbers game, talent is only a small percentage… focus on the business side even more than you already are while you perfect your craft.  

Which musician is your biggest inspiration? 

I don’t believe it was just one because multiple influences influenced my early beginnings in music. You could say Michael Jackson and R- Kelly because they influenced most of these artists, but my biggest inspiration may be Chris Brown, Trey Songz , and August Alsina.

What’s your favorite song as of now?

My favorite song is Changed by Q Muzik from my debut album “Quindon”.

Where do you see yourself in three years? 

I see myself traveling the world with my family, making money doing the thing I love most which is music that inspires, motivates and helps people get through difficult times and mental illness.


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