Christian musician Stephen Piazza has released his new track, “Washed Away.” It is the third song he has released after the well-received projects “Set Free” and “The Edge.” This song is perfect for anyone who enjoys listening to Christian music. It is also suitable for anyone who enjoys listening to motivational songs and songs with powerful messages, as well as songs that tell compelling stories. 

“Washed Away” speaks to a near-death experience Stephen Piazza had in 2020. The song starts with an opening synth and drum beat before leading into soaring guitars. Just short of 30 seconds into the song, Piazza begins to sing. He begins with the lyric, “I won’t waste my time anymore/Hiding in the bottom of a bottle/Running from the pressures of life/I can’t escape the weight upon my shoulder.” This implies troubles with burying one’s sorrows through drinking alcohol instead of truly working out the problems and becoming happier. Piazza sings these lyrics emotionally in his deep tenor voice, which allows him to appropriately convey his message. The verses are backed primarily by piano, while guitars and especially drums are more prominent in the chorus, where he confidently belts out, “My sins are washed away.” Stephen Piazza’s strong faith shines in “Washed Away” and aims to help anyone trying to get out of his struggles. 

Listen to “Washed Away” on Spotify ( and make sure to check out the beautiful music video via YouTube. To explore Stephen Piazza’s website, visit this link ( To connect with Stephen Piazza on Instagram @stephenpizzamusic, visit this link ( 

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